By Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo

Flamboyant rapper Desmond chideme better known as Stunner recently caused a stir at the money changers depot along Kwame Nkrumah when he decided to discipline one money changer only identified as Ngoni for harassing his daughter celeste.

Speaking to Ngoni , the money changer laughed at the issue and said he didn’t know she was stunner’s daughter.

“Stunner approached me warning me not to harass his daughter ndikamuudza kuti akanyorwa pamhanza here kuti mwana wako vanhu vemuroad ava and iyoyo mhinduro ndo isina kumufadza akabva andirova handina kumbopihwa nguva yekubatanidza” he said.

He went on to say that he was also a zimdancehall artist and he was going to do a song dissing stunner.

“Haa ndichamurovera song ndichimu disser manje manje and my stage name is rajahman muchainzwa song yacho”.

Speaking to stunner , the rapper said if it involves his family he doesn’t play.

“When it comes to my family i don’t let people mess with my family. I didn’t beat him for proposing to my daughter but after he was rejected he called her names and she came to me saying daddy munhu uyo anga achindinetsa” he said.

Asked about what he thought about the upcoming diss song the rapper laughed it off and said he was the one who was going to pay for the track.

“Ndini ndichatoibhadhara song yacho futi coz its water under the bridge zvakatopfuura” said the rapper.