By Samantha Mudzingwa

“Ndichitozviti ndina manager apo ndina damager…. uya waiva producer wakazondi reducer” are the words in the latest track by tocky vibes titled Pesinari. The songs talks about how he was mistreated and how the situation is now personal.

Tocky Vibes

The song which dropped today speaks about backstabbing from his former manager and producer. Who are the people mentioned?

One might speculate that the manager mentioned might be Bokosha his first manager or his recently fired manager Kueman. It is rumoured there is bad blood between tocky vibes and his two former managers and the song might be for one of the two.

The producer mentioned is definitely Dj Fydale who produced mhai. Fydale and Tocky’s beef once went viral after the former did a video denigrating the latter.

“Kana mapera musafunge kuti tese tapera, sometimes you have to respect your elders. I’m the one who put you there” said Dj Fydale.

Listen To Pesinari Below